Selecting an e-commerce platform is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make when establishing your online retail business. Considering the fact that there are seemingly endless choices when it comes to such platforms, picking just one can seem like a daunting task. Having said that, there are ways to narrow down your search and make your selection easier. By considering a handful of factors, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which e-commerce platform to choose.


Your business may be at a certain point today, but it may grow or take a completely new direction in the near future. What you need is an e-commerce platform that is scalable so that it can grow and change along with your business. This type of flexibility is vital and is one factor that your chosen platform should deliver on. If the platform is not well-equipped, this can result in slow speeds and unresponsiveness, which will certainly turn off your visitors and send them somewhere else.


Obviously, your budget is an important component to consider. Ideally, you want to choose an e-commerce platform that fits into your budget and meets your financial situation. Of course, this can be a real balancing act, since you will likely want all the great features you can get from, but just as long as all those frills don’t blow your budget.

Esthetically Appealing

Your e-commerce site should be highly functional – that’s top priority. But, if possible, you want it to look good too. A great design can make a good first impression on visitors, and can even go so far as to transmit a subconscious message of professionalism and trustworthiness.

If having your site professionally designed is too expensive for you, your best bet is to go with a pre-made template from the e-commerce platform service provider you choose. This can cut out the cost of hiring an expert to design your site while still having the advantage of an attractive site.

Positive Consumer Experience

If your customers are having trouble navigating your site or finding what they’re looking for, your bounce rate could skyrocket. The arena of e-commerce is a very competitive one, and sophisticated customers want – and expect – a simple, streamlined experience. If your online store is too complicated to deal with, they’ll hit the back button just as fast as they got there.


Having solid support is of paramount importance, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a veteran in the world of e-commerce. The platform you choose should ultimately offer a robust support system that’s readily available and easily accessible.

Be sure that the platform you select encompasses all the above features in order to maximize your odds of success with your online business!

Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Commerce Platform