How to become a great looking programmer

The development of the world of technology in Indonesia is indeed warm. Almost every day we can hear news about new startups popping up to solve the problems that are around us. With more and more technology companies emerging, it means that more developers are needed. Just look at Indonesian programming groups, almost every day there is information about job vacancies looking for web, mobile, database, and other programmers.
With opportunities that are increasingly wide open, how can we prepare ourselves to become programmers needed by the industry? Here we summarize some important points that programmers must have which are an attraction for companies to hire programmers.

Master the basics of programming
Sounds simple, but the basics of programming are mandatory to master. The concept of variables, branching, repetition, function, class, inheritance, and other basic concepts is not different from each programming language. The only difference is the syntax writing technique. If the basics have been mastered, we will not have difficulties if we have to learn a new programming language when needed. We see that many programming languages ​​are constantly being developed which requires us to learn fast?

Focus on two or three programming languages
Readers who like soccer are certainly not strange to see players who change positions. Every football player has a specialization in their respective positions, also must be able to adjust if installed in different positions. From the front attacker to attacking wings or attacking midfielders. There are also defenders who are sometimes positioned as midfielders. Even so, we rarely see any players who can be played in all positions.
The same thing applies to programmers. We must have language specialization that is truly mastered outside and inside. Besides this main language we also need to understand one or two other languages ​​to support the main language or even for hobbies.

JavaScript is one of the right choices for you to learn or become an option to add to your programming skills. In addition, JavaScript is now the most widely used and discussed programming language in various programming forums, as well as being a solution to several contemporary problems faced by many companies and startups.

Master the algorithm
As the saying “many roads lead to Rome”, there are more than one method for programming problems. A good programmer will certainly have the most effective and efficient way to solve the problem. But how can we know the solution chosen is indeed effective and efficient compared to other solutions? The answer is through the analysis of algorithms and data structures used.
We don’t need to master each algorithm to its roots. Simply master how it works, when it can be used, and how to apply it.
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Habits You Can Apply to Become a Reliable Programmer

Being a programmer is not easy. In the midst of a rapidly evolving world of technology, programmers are required to always learn and experiment with new things. Optimal technology today may be outdated a month later, and the high competition makes developers have to compete to create products that are more sophisticated, fast, and safe every day.

A programmer with high flying hours can fall into a trap that makes him stop developing. The more experience, the more he will feel that his knowledge is sufficient. As a result, when dealing with new problems, it becomes difficult to adapt. Not necessarily the solution that has been used optimally in other cases.
Not that the programmer is not good at the field. Maybe he is actually very expert. But when someone stops learning, he will be trapped in a narrow view and unable to keep up with the times. The reasons can vary. Maybe you don’t have time because you are busy, you may feel that you have mastered all the frameworks and popular libraries on the market. But whatever the reason, it is clear that it is not developing.
Learning is a cycle
Imam Muhammad Al Ghazali, a famous philosopher from Egypt, once said that humans are divided into four classes of learning, namely:

1. People who do not know (not knowledgeable) and do not realize they do not know.
2. People who don’t know (not knowledgeable) but realize that they don’t know.
3. People who know (knowledgeable) and realize that they know.
4. People who know (knowledgeable) but are not aware that they know.

This concept was also adapted by Andrias Harefa in his book entitled Mindset Teraphy. According to Andrias, the learning process is a cycle, and a human will continue to move from one group to another. Andrias poured this cycle in a diagram called Learning Mindset Harefa.
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3 Qualities to Look for in a Web Hosting Service

Whether you’ve created a website for business purposes or to showcase your personal creativity, you’ll need to find a reliable hosting service. When shopping around for the right one, it’s important to remember that not all hosting services are created equal. Given the sheer volume of U.S.-based hosting companies, it’s only natural that some would be more accommodating than others – and as a site owner, it’s in your best interest to avoid getting stuck with a lemon. To ensure that you give your business to the right hosting service, keep an eye out for the following qualities.

1. Responsive Customer Service

Responsive, consistently-available customer service is among the foremost tenets of a good web hosting company. For example, Network Solutions offers all clients 24/7 support with actual technicians instead of automated machines. This ensures that no matter when you encounter a problem with your site, you’ll be able to receive the help you need. Companies like Network Solutions realize that technical issues don’t adhere to any schedule, thus facilitating the need for around-the-clock support.

2. Ability to Handle Heavy Traffic

If your site receives a steady amount of traffic, it’s imperative that the hosting service you choose be able to keep up. Unfortunately, despite their claims, some hosting services are ill-equipped to handle sites with heavy traffic. Having a lackluster company host a high-traffic website can prove disastrous for site owners, as it can lead to long times, frequent crashes and frustrated visitors. As such, any hosting service you give your business to should have a long list of satisfied high-traffic clients and be willing to stand by any lofty claims it makes with regard to speed.

3. Cost-Effective Hosting Plans

In light of how many options you have to choose from, you have every right to be picky when selecting a web hosting service. As a discerning consumer, it’s only natural that you’d want to get the best deal possible while getting the most for your money. Fully aware of this fact, Network Solutions makes a point of offering prospective clients an enticing array of cost-effective plans that are affordable on virtually any budget.

When searching for a dependable web hosting service, you’ll find no shortage of options. Unfortunately, a fair number of these companies are sorely lacking when it comes to amenities and customer service. For best results, take care to limit your options to companies that possess the previously discussed qualities.

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